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We understand the impact of physical and emotional well-being on effective learning and believe that through sports, students build confidence, leadership skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. 

Our physical education curriculum which is required through Year 11 provides an effective foundation for our competitive sports teams. All students take part in annual sports days, which emphasise participation and often incorporate house competition or a service element.

Students have many co-curricular opportunities to improve their individual skill base, experience the joy of working as a team, and participate in competitions. Students can pursue non-competitive sports through Sports CCAs and competitive sports through sports teams. As members of the HKPSSA, PASS, HKSSF, ISSFHK, and ACAMIS leagues, our students have the opportunity to compete against other Hong Kong schools and experience a range of competitive environments.   

CIS Sports Teams

At CIS, competitive sports begin in Year 3 with an emphasis on teamwork, skill development, sportsmanship, and healthy competition. Our committed and qualified coaches provide coaching to a high level with a focus on skill development and nurturing our students into great athletes who inspire others.



Competitive Sports


Different Sports
Competitive Sports



Sports Activities
After School Activities


Different Sports
After School Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Sports co-curricular activities (CCAs) give students the opportunity to participate in non-competitive sports that will not only aid in maintaining fitness but also benefit their social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Our sports activities lean towards the developmental aspects of skills; from learning how to play to making school teams. In addition, students also build on their confidence, leadership skills, teamwork and sportsmanship.