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Homerooms & Advisory

The school is attentive to creating an environment of mutual care and respect that provides age-appropriate support and guidance. This begins with Primary homeroom teachers and Secondary advisors who are charged with looking out for the broad welfare of their students and promoting shared values.


Primary homerooms consist of 24 students and two teachers. In Reception, there are 16 students and two teachers per homeroom. Each teacher is English-speaking and Chinese-speaking. These classes meet together at the beginning of each day during Classroom Community Time (CCT). During CCT, as well as at various other points throughout their day, students learn how to incorporate the Chinese values of 仁 (Empathy, Kindness), 義 (Fairness, Justice), 禮 (Propriety, Good Manners), 智 (Wisdom, Right Judgement), 信 (Integrity, Honesty) into their daily lives.

Students also explore the six pathways that boost well-being: strengths, emotional management, attention and awareness, relationships, coping, and habits and goals. Building up each of these pathways allows students to enhance their own well-being and be more resilient and self-confident, handle stress better, and be a better friend.


In Secondary, each student’s “home base” is an advisory group of about 10-12 students that meets weekly with their advisor, who is a teacher or other member of staff.

Advisory seeks to promote well-being and the values of the school by allowing staff members and students to meet in small groups on a regular basis to discuss and reflect on school life and broader issues, to engage in activities, and allow students to receive advice and support from a trusted mentor. Advisory will help students feel a sense of belonging and build a positive, personalised community for students and teachers.

The advisory group remains together throughout the Secondary years, enabling students to develop strong bonds with their peers and advisor.