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Applications close:
Mar 11

update Costs of the program

Students: HK$14,000
Teachers: No programme cost

Financial Aid

MIT STEAM Camp @CIS is open to both CIS and non-CIS students in Hong Kong.

Financial aid is available for students who demonstrate financial need.


CIS is grateful to Mr. Vic Lee, whose vision and generous sponsorship is enabling the launch of this programme, along with support for financial aid.


Ms. Kelly Grogan


Ms. Catherine Han

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For a second year, CIS is pleased to be collaborating with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to run a groundbreaking “MIT STEAM Camp @CIS”, for Summer 2018. The goal is to empower students to solve real-world challenges in areas of need, such as energy, education or health. Held on the CIS campus, the 2-week day camp will be open to both CIS and non-CIS students who completed Gr 4/ Primary 4/ Y5- Gr 8/Secondary 2 /Y9 /Form 2 by the end of the 2017-2018 school year in Hong Kong. A related professional development course for both CIS and non-CIS teachers will run simultaneously to the camp. Both the camp and teacher course will be delivered in English.

2018 Dates

STUDENT DATES: July 30 - Aug 10 (Mon-fri)

TEACHER DATES: JULy 27- aug 10 (mon-fri)

Programme Hours: 9am to 2pm

Curriculum & Approach

Students will be taught in “the MIT way”, with hands-on, immersive learning by doing. They will have the opportunity to advance their knowledge in the STEAM areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics and then use this knowledge to develop solutions to real problems associated with the chosen theme of the summer camp. Both CIS and non-CIS students will work together to design and build innovative projects that they can share with their communities and families in Hong Kong. During the camp, they will engage in hands-on activities around the theme, Into the Water, and explore the use of digital technologies and tools (such Scratch, App Inventor, and others) that promote creativity, invention and collaboration. Exploring the central theme, students will learn key principles in subjects like arts, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, programming, among others. Students will work with staff from MIT and with teachers, who will help them with all aspects of their projects. The two-week camp will culminate with a community-wide open house that will give students the opportunity to share their learning process from the formulation of ideas, to the design, iteration and construction of projects.

Faculty & Facilities

MIT faculty, staff and students will lead the programme and use MIT resources and materials. They will deliver lectures and run workshops and activities, while also working alongside teachers from CIS and other schools who will assist in delivering the programme. All instruction will take place on the CIS campus in Hong Kong, with classes taught in state-of-the-art science and technology labs that were newly completed on the CIS campus in 2016.

Professional Education for Teachers

This programme is also planned as a professional education opportunity for CIS and non-CIS teachers, who will work alongside MIT staff to facilitate camp activities. The MIT team will run teacher education workshops. The goal is to allow Hong Kong-based teachers to learn from MIT faculty, while they also provide their expertise about local learning conditions and areas of interest.

About CIS & Connected Learning

Since its founding in 1983 as Hong Kong’s first school teaching an international curriculum in English and Mandarin, CIS has continually sought to lead and innovate in its approach to education. The CIS MIT STEAM Camp is an outgrowth of CIS’s “Connected Learning” programme, which launched in 2015 to give CIS students the opportunity outside of the classroom to pursue and extend their interests in various areas of the sciences, technology, media, the arts, service and entrepreneurship. Activities have included a Beijing Tech Camp (Summer 2015), Startup Weekend (June 2015), Dinner-with-Scientists series (ongoing) and weekly Connected Learning Incubator meetings (ongoing). For more information, please visit: