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This Week in HZ

Extracurricular Weekend Events at Hangzhou CIS (JAN. 13)

This weekend, nearly 20 students from the Hong Kong CIS Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Band joined peers from HZCIS and Greentown Yuhua school for the 8th Annual Music Exchange Concert, here in Hangzhou. The Symphony Orchestra brought us "Symphony No. 4L in C major (Jupiter)" and "Carmen Suite" by Georges Bizet, while the Jazz Band performed songs such as "All My Loving" and "Soul Bossa Nova.” The final program was "Mamma Mia" medley, performed by the CIS Symphony Orchestra together with our Hangzhou CIS Girls’ Choir, composed of teachers and students. It was a lovely evening of musical enjoyment that brought together students from all three learning environments. We are grateful for the music team’s diligence and passion in creating such a sonorous experience for all.


Last Saturday, our HZCIS boy’s and girl’s basketball teams traveled to Hangzhou International School for a tournament with the Hangzhou International Schools Friendship League. The league includes schools such as Hangzhou CIS, Hangzhou International School, BASIS International School, Hangzhou Olive School Affiliated to Beijing Foreign Studies University, and more. Through their efforts, our boy’s and girl’s teams won by a landslide!

International Schools League

It is inspiring to see how HZCIS students balance their full academic course load with active participation in challenging extracurricular events, and how they learn and grow through such exchanges.

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