Residential Life

Hangzhou CIS’s residence hall offers camaraderie, care and supervision twenty-four hours a day.

Personal living space has been designed to be both sociable and cozy. There is a maximum of four students per room. Each pod or dorm of up to 12 students (3 rooms) is under the care and guidance of a Coach Mentor – a recent university graduate, who serves as a role model and positive influence. To date, most Coach Mentors have been alumni/ae of either CIS alumni/ae or the Teach for China programme.

Each grouping of up to 24 students (3 dorms/pods) comprises a house, under the care of a Head of House who is a senior faculty member. Every Head of House and Coach Mentor - together with their students - builds the solidarity of house and dorm life in his or her own way.

Student & Parent Handbooks

The Hangzhou CIS Student and Parent Handbooks should be referred to for additional details on the following matters.

Meals & Snacks

Hangzhou has its own dedicated cafeteria serving both Chinese and international dishes. Students are required to take part in cafeteria mealtimes.

Students may also prepare simple meals or keep snacks in the kitchenettes available in each dorm. Purchase of treats and ordering in of takeaway food is allowed with conditions.

Family Time

At 9pm, after digital devices are switched off and handed over to the Coach Mentor for safe-keeping until morning,

Family Time begins. Students gather with their Coach Mentor to reflect on the day or week, celebrate what's going well, and wind down for the evening. This is just one of the shared rituals of residential life that helps to punctuate and shape the day and week.

Uniform & Dress Code

For the most part, the Hangzhou CIS uniform and dress code is the same as the Hong Kong CIS uniform, with the addition of a white PE shirt (no house colours), grey dress uniform, and heavier winter coat.

For non-uniform occasions, students must dress appropriately and modestly. Smart attire will be wanted for occasional formal evenings (a smart shirt/blouse and dress/skirt/trousers with appropriate shoes should suffice).

Laundry, Cleaning & Dormitory Expectations

Students are responsible for doing their own laundry. A laundry room is located in the basement of the residential hall.

Students are also responsible for keeping their dorm rooms, living rooms and other facilities neat and tidy. Each dorm has a rota and inspection system that involves the rewarding of Likes and Unlikes.

Keeping in Touch with Home

Each student and family finds their own best way to keep in touch. There are campus phones which allow direct-dialling of Hong Kong numbers without charge to the student.

Sundays & Free Time

Students generally have free time in the afternoons and on Sundays. As described on the Campus page, they enjoy ample facilities on campus for a wide variety of activities.

Students may also go off campus, accompanied by a member of staff - subject to appropriate arrangements, and students regularly do so for meals, shopping, etc. Leave to go off campus in small groups unaccompanied by staff is an earned privilege that is instituted as the year progresses and that remains subject to appropriate arrangements.

Student Government

Hangzhou CIS seeks to develop students' abilities to lead and to exercise their duties as responsible citizens, by providing opportunities to play a meaningful role in the management of the school. All students and faculty gather for a monthly General Assembly. Committees that meet between Assemblies report on different aspects of school life and may also put forward proposals.

Medical Care

Hangzhou CIS has its own on-site clinic staffed round-the-clock by a bilingual and internationally accredited nurse.

Prior to arrival, students submit a Hangzhou CIS Medical form are enrolled in a Hangzhou CIS medical scheme administered by International SOS. Emergency and other hospital care is handled by either Greentown Hospital or Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital where Hangzhou CIS enjoys "Green Channel" status.

Parents are promptly notified of medical care of anything more than a routine nature.

Standards of Behaviour

Standards and expectations for behaviour are the same as for Hong Kong CIS, with three Hangzhou CIS Red Rules foregrounded in light of the residential setting: 1) No sexual activity; 2) No violence; and 3) No tobacco, alcohol or illicit drugs.

General CIS policies and disciplinary sanctions, as well as additional ones specific to Hangzhou CIS, are spelled out in the Hangzhou CIS Student Handbook.