Programme Highlights

Green is Gold PBL Project

In this semester-long project students explored the complexity of the issues surrounding green energy and electric vehicles. They used knowledge and skills found across subject areas such as Physics, History, Geography, Economics, and Civics to investigate the challenges of renewable energy and the efficiency of batteries, as well as the opportunities created by electric vehicles towards the goal of reducing the impact of climate change. They wrote scripts and created short films designed to educate and entertain viewers about a topic they found especially interesting, with a particular focus on highlighting the complexity of these issues by presenting different perspectives. The unit culminated in a film festival with entries chosen by students and faculty, and voted upon by an outside panel of expert judges.


Hangzhou Links

For the service learning component of our curriculum, students explore their rights and responsibilities to implement service as action in the community. Building on their interests, students partner with an organisation in the community and design a solution to address particular needs. After learning relevant knowledge and skills, students will go in small groups to visit their organisation regularly throughout the year to implement their plan.


Hangzhou "Connections"

"Connections" is a core part of our Hangzhou CIS programme, aimed at helping our students connecting authentically with the world around them.

Our key goal is to create an experiential learning environment for our students to become more intellectually curious, compassionate, ethical and responsible citizens members of our local and global community. The growth of the whole person is at its heart.



"Beyond" is a two-and-a-half week period of concentrated endeavour, in which we create the conditions learners to reach elevated levels of achievement and engagement. Students complete "Beyond" projects that match their own interests and learning styles. "Beyond" sees students use China as their classrooms as they learn experientially.