Visa & Other Preparations

Updated May 2020

Well in advance of departure, families will receive comprehensive Student and Parent handbooks.


From approximately June, families will begin to receive reminders from Keena Thrush, Head of China Programmes, about the preparations that need to be made prior to departure to Hangzhou in late August. Her reminders will provide specific deadlines and travel dates for flight bookings.

Normally in June there will be an information session with Hangzhou CIS Director Sally Zhang during the last week of the Hong Kong CIS academic year. (There will be separate meetings for Year 9 parents whose children join Hangzhou CIS in the coming academic year, and for families with children in younger years, thinking about Hangzhou CIS in future years.)

All Families Preparing for Hangzhou CIS

1. Visa & Travel Documents

For this year’s special case, we are not sure when the China Visa office will be accepting visa applications. In order to help us prepare for the visa application process, please fill out this questionnaire about your travel plans over the summer holiday. This questionnaire is only for Visa Applications. If your child already has the Hui Xian Zheng (China Home Return Permit), then there is no need to fill out this form.

Students with a Home Return Permit (Hui Xiang Zheng)

  • Do NOT need to apply for a visa.

visa information here

2. Insurance

All Hangzhou students must apply for travel insurance (see the Insurance Policy), even if they have an alternative insurance policy. Please download and fill in the Insurance Application Form (PDF format) and return the form with the cheque of HK$4,503.83 payable to Marsh Hong Kong Limited and hand in to Rickena Cai in the Business Office by 1 March, 2021.

3. Medical Exam & Form

Our Hangzhou medical people need a paper form filled out by parents and by a licensed physician. Please print out and fill in this form between now and August. Hand the completed form in to Rickena Cai in our business office on or before 16 October 2020.


TIMEFRAME: May to mid-August (for booking/purchase of first ticket, or all flights for the year)

  • Parents will need to make their own travel arrangements for their children - and for themselves (more below).
  • Families residing in Hong Kong should plan on five roundtrip flights for their child to and from Hangzhou, at the start and end of each of the year's five "Acts" (see Calendar elsewhere on this page).
  • For all travel days, coach transfer to and from campus will be arranged for students arriving and departing on flights KA620 and KA621. For the initial August trip, CIS will provide two staff members to accompany the students.
  • Some airlines may offer less expensive student fares upon proof of participation in a China study program. The CIS Business Office in Hong Kong can prepare a letter as proof of study.
  • Even when booking in advance, some families may find that flight KA620 to Hangzhou after Chinese New Year is full. Based on the experience of prior years, there will be a number of options available closer to the date - e.g., places will become available; places will become available at a higher price; an alternate flight will need to be booked, etc.

Note: Students may not remain on campus during school holidays, and families should make appropriate arrangements for their child to arrive and depart on designated dates.

5. Purchase/Supplement Uniforms

TIMEFRAME: May-15 August (for summer and formal uniform; winter items are usually not needed until after October break).

  • For the most part, the Hangzhou CIS uniform and dress code is the same as the Hong Kong CIS uniform, with additional items.
  • See Uniforms & Packing for details.

All students will need a formal uniform and the winter coat. Please kindly note that students are only required to purchase the school uniforms as stated on the HZCIS Uniform Order Form by Aston Wilson. You may visit the Aston Wilson shop in Jordan to buy the uniforms or you may order the uniforms from their online shop. Due to the current situation, the Uniform Shop on campus will be closed until further notice.

Aston Wilson Jordan Shop Address & Telephone
2F, Will Strong Development Building,
59 Parkes Street, Jordan
Tel: 2523 2517

Opening Hours: 
Mon – Sat : 10:00-18:00
Sun & PH : Closed


Students already enrolled at CIS do not need to order books, but will need to bring their laptops, graphing calculators and possibly some textbooks. Further information will be provided


New students need to have a TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator.

If you would like to purchase this calculator, please use this link to place the order.

CIS students can receive a discount using the following Coupon Code: cis2020 (valid until 31 Dec 2020). The coupon would entitle the student to get a discount on TI-84 Plus CE at HKD 1,199/unit.  Local courier is additional at HKD 30, assuming the order is for one unit of the calculator; otherwise, the delivery rate would be calculated automatically according to the shipping weight. Online payment by both Visa and MasterCard are acceptable.

Reminder: bring the charger or a compatible USB for the calculator.

Families Not Previously Enrolled at CIS


Information for new students will be provided.

ORDERING Laptop Computer

Information for new students will be provided.

Parent Travel

Parents may accompany their children to Hangzhou CIS at the start of the year; however, please be aware there is a very limited time window for parents to be with their child on campus - typically 2:00-5:00pm on the arrival date - and after that time, parents must depart the campus so that students may take part in start-of-term activities.

Parents will also be invited to visit Hangzhou on two weekends:

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences - typically a weekend in Mid-November
  • Celebration - typically the second weekend of June and the last weekend of the Hangzhou year. Parents may wish to fly home with their child.

These weekends typically begin with a welcome event on Friday evening, followed by the main activity/ies on Saturday and Sunday, and free time or optional activities on Sunday. With proper notification to the school, students may leave campus with their parents and stay over at their hotel.


  1. Apply for visa
  2. Update details on Moongate
  3. Submit insurance application
  4. Arrange medical exam
  5. Book air tickets
  6. Purchase uniform
  7. Order laptop/textbooks

Hangzhou CIS Calendar

Hangzhou CIS typically runs from the last week of August through the second or third week of June.

The Hangzhou year is organised into five "Acts", which vary in length from four to ten weeks.

Between the Acts, there are four school holidays of approximately two to three weeks each (mid-October, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter).


Help in HK with Hangzhou CIS

Ms. Keena Thrush

Head of China Programmes

Ms. Rickena Cai

China Programmes Coordinator & Hangzhou CIS Administrative Assistant
c/o Business Office
Tel: 2512-5889