Refer to the Year 10 (Hangzhou CIS) Admissions page for:

  • Students seeking to enter CIS in Year 10,
  • Students applying for the Hangzhou year only,
  • Students seeking to enter CIS in Year 10 who may require financial aid.

Applicant families will find out more about Hangzhou CIS during the application process and Information Session. Additional questions should be raised with Admissions staff.

Tuition & Other Costs

Tuition for CIS students is currently the same as for Y7-11 students studying on Braemar Hill. Please refer to Tuition & Other Costs in the Admissions section of this site.

Tuition and annual fees for CIS existing students for the Hangzhou year only is:

  • 2021-22: HK$293,880

Boarding Fee

The fee for room and board for all students is:

  • 2021-22: HK$135,600 

Other Costs

Other costs on top of Tuition and the Boarding Fee will include but are not limited to:

  • Student travel 
  • Parent travel 
  • Visa fee 
  • Medical insurance fee 
  • Books or other educational resources and materials
  • Laptop Purchase Program (required for new students)
  • Beyond trip (cost will vary depending on trip chosen)
  • Ad hoc expenses for specially arranged field trips or other events
  • Pocket Money (at the discretion of individual families)