Refer to the Year 10 (Hangzhou CIS) Admissions page for:

  • Students seeking to enter CIS in Year 10,
  • Students applying for the Hangzhou year only,
  • Students seeking to enter CIS in Year 10 who may require financial aid.

Applicant families will find out more about Hangzhou CIS during the application process and Information Session. Additional questions should be raised with Admissions staff.

Tuition & Other Costs

Tuition for CIS students is currently the same as for Y7-11 students studying on Braemar Hill. Please refer to Tuition & Other Costs in the Admissions section of this site.

Tuition and annual fees for CIS existing students for the Hangzhou year only is:

  • 2021-22: HK$293,880

Boarding Fee

The fee for room and board for all students is:

  • 2021-22: HK$135,600 

Other Costs

Other costs on top of Tuition and the Boarding Fee will include but are not limited to:

  • Student travel 
  • Parent travel 
  • Visa fee 
  • Medical insurance fee 
  • Books or other educational resources and materials
  • Laptop Purchase Program (required for new students)
  • Beyond trip (cost will vary depending on trip chosen)
  • Ad hoc expenses for specially arranged field trips or other events
  • Pocket Money (at the discretion of individual families)

During the Hangzhou CIS Year


Hangzhou CIS families will receive a wide variety of communications from Hangzhou CIS staff and other CIS staff with responsibility for Hangzhou CIS, including but not limited to:

  • Weekly Chinese WeChat News & This Week in Hangzhou & Hangzhou Life letters
  • Newsletter from Head of Student Life (by email, typically once or twice per Act)
  • Periodic updates from the student's Head of House (by email, at the discretion of the Head of House)
  • Advance notice of trips and special activities, etc.


The Head of House or other appropriate staff will always be in touch promptly, by phone or email as appropriate, if there are issues of particular concern, and parents are encouraged to do likewise. The school nurse always notifies families if they attend to a child (usually by email if care is of a routine nature).


Each student and family finds their own best way to keep in touch. There are campus phones which allow direct-dialling of Hong Kong numbers without charge to the student.

Parents are reminded that at the start of the year students will be extremely busy taking part in orientation activities and establishing a routine, and frequent communications are not always helpful to the settling-in process.


As for other Secondary year-levels, the school will seek one or more parents willing to volunteer as Year Rep for the Hangzhou CIS cohort. Year Reps facilitate communication among parents and between parents and school, and typically organise a number of parent and family gatherings during the year. They also help staff in making arrangements for the two weekends when parents are invited.

Year 9 & Below Families

Existing CIS families in Years 9 or below will have the opportunity to attend one or more forums with current/recent Hangzhou CIS students and their parents, and they may also make arrangements to visit Hangzhou CIS.

Hangzhou CIS Calendar

Hangzhou CIS typically runs from the last week of August through the second or third week of June.

The Hangzhou year is organised into five "Acts", which vary in length from four to ten weeks.

Between the Acts, there are four school holidays of approximately two to three weeks each (mid-October, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter).

2021-22 calendar

Help in HK with Hangzhou CIS

Ms. Keena Thrush

Head of China Programmes

Ms. Rickena Cai

China Programmes Coordinator & Hangzhou CIS Administrative Assistant
c/o Business Office
Tel: 2512-5889