Curriculum & Programme

Growth at Hangzhou CIS

Our Hangzhou CIS year is a very special programme that many former students have already called the most memorable year of their lives. At its heart is the intention to make the most of a unique residential setting in one of the world’s most cultured and forward-looking cities and to achieve the very best for our students - a positive impact which we think will stay with them for many years to come.

The student learning experience is specific to Hangzhou CIS and autonomous from Greentown Yuhua School.

Students examine issues from local and global perspectives, using different disciplines, different skills and the ample asset that is the city of Hangzhou.

To gain a complete picture of the Hangzhou CIS learning approach, please be sure to also view the Programme Highlights page.

The Four Pillars

Hangzhou is a tailored and holistic programme, built on the four pillars of Community, Character, Challenge and China.

Curriculum Overview

Taught in English and Chinese, the formal Hangzhou CIS curriculum makes maximum use of the resources of the city and environs to enhance students’ Chinese language proficiency and understanding of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture.

Five Terms A Year

The divisions between the terms are four substantial school holidays:

  • Mid-Term Break
  • Christmas Break
  • Chinese New Year
  • Easter Break

School holidays coincide with those of Hong Kong CIS, but are one week longer.

Six Days A Week

While classes are held six days, the Hangzhou CIS timetable also allows for appropriate breaks, with an extended period of non-class time at different times in the day.

Find the Hangzhou CIS calendar at Fees.

Please note that, even accounting for longer breaks, Hangzhou CIS contact hours are greater than for Hong Kong CIS.