The facilities of Hangzhou CIS's mini-campus are designed to be in line with those of top boarding schools anywhere in the world. They are housed in two custom-built halls, located at the heart of the Greentown Yuhua School (GYS) campus.

Facilities have been planned for a maximum enrollment of 144 students.

Main Buildings

Hangzhou CIS's two main buildings face each other, and are located on a major campus pathway close to GYS's main sports field and two campus gates.


  • Classrooms on two floors, include:
    • 2 dedicated Science Labs
    • 2 specialist Design Workshops with band saws, laser cutters, sewing machines, etc.
    • 1 Visual Art Studio, plus Gallery space
    • 1 black-box Drama Studio, seating approximately 200 people
    • A Music Classroom Suite, practice rooms and concert hall for Hangzhou CIS use are located in a separate GYS block nearby. 
    •  Staff offices and meetings rooms on third floor


A cafeteria for Hangzhou CIS use is located on the third floor of a separate GYS block nearby.

 GYS facilities AVAILABLE 

  • Full-sized football field and running track,
  • Smaller astro-turf field and training track,
  • 25-meter indoor pool,
  • Basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis courts
  • Full-sized football field and running track,

The campus has an internal 1-km ring road suitable for cross-country training. There is also a 7-km route extending into the Xi Xi Wetlands which is popular with Hangzhou CIS runners.

Residential Hall

All dormitories are located in the Residential Hall. The residential hall also has facilities including the "Tea House Cafe" seating/work area, the Library, a fully equipped gym, the game room and the laundry room. 

Swipe cards are required for access, and a security guard is on duty round the clock.

Staff Quarters 

  • The bedroom with en suite bathroom for the Coach Mentor opens onto the dorm living room.
  • The apartment for the Head of House is located along the corridor joining the 2 dorms, and includes 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and full kitchen.
  • Some staff also live off-campus.

About Greentown Yuhua School (GYS)

Hangzhou CIS is viewed as a flagship programme for both GYS and the city of Hangzhou.

Founded in 1993, GYS is a top private school with an innovative, internationally minded approach to education.

The nicely planted campus occupies 41 acres (250 mu) in the Jiangcun District in western Hangzhou, and has a full range of modern facilities.

GYS promotes holistic, well-rounded education and has developed a wide-ranging curriculum. The school emphasises academic excellence with a focus on science, international understanding, character development and personal responsibility. The school is also very strong in soccer.

GYS has established a variety of short-term exchanges with schools around the world, including The Winsor School (Boston) and Raffles Institution (Singapore). Underlining its commitment to international exchange, every year GYS stages a large-scale multi-day cultural fair, in which GYS and Hangzhou CIS students fully participate, along with students invited from overseas.