Hangzhou CIS is a unique residential programme for Year 10 students.


In August 2013, CIS launched a one-year academic and residential programme of the highest calibre in Hangzhou, China.

This is the first programme of its kind.

Hangzhou CIS invites students in Year 10/Grade 9 (14-15 years old) to spend a year immersed in Chinese culture and language, while continuing their education in English.

Hangzhou CIS is located on the campus of our partner school, Greentown Yuhua School (GYS), a leading private school in Zhejiang Province. Sharing a campus with Chinese peers provides Hangzhou CIS students with a range of opportunities for exchange and friendship.

Hangzhou CIS has been crafted to be an intensive year-long journey of discovery. The programme is built on the four pillars of China, Challenge, Character and Communities.

What's special about Hangzhou CIS?

Child Protection Programme

Mindful of the special role that schools play as protectors of children and of the harm that can be caused by child abuse, CIS runs a comprehensive programme of Child Protection that includes rigorous recruiting and vetting practices applicable to direct hires, contract staff, and all affiliated personnel.
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Hangzhou CIS

c/o Greentown Yuhua School
532 Wenyi West Road
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
310012 China


Within Hong Kong,
dial 3179-6500

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