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Capital Campaigns

CIS is no different from other non-profit organisations in that we need to rely on Capital Campaigns to provide the funding for larger, frequently facilities related, projects. We are immensely fortunate to have a wonderfully supportive, far-sighted and philanthropic community who appreciate the need for extra funding to ensure that the school remain a state of the art, cutting edge institution, able to offer our students the top-class education that they deserve and need to be the leaders of tomorrow.
Two previous campaigns, the Phoenix Soaring Campaign and the Campaign for Excellence provided the New Tower and the Arts & Languages Centre.
Upcoming Campaign

Vision 33

As we launch Vision ‘33, our new strategic plan for the next 10 years, we will look once again to our incredible philanthropic partners for their support. We are currently working with architects to create a Master Plan which will then identify our funding needs and dictate the timing for our next campaign.

Vision '33

Previous Campaign

Phoenix Soaring

The Phoenix Soaring Campaign for the New Tower was completed in 2016. Raising a stunning HK$460 million, it was a testament to the outstanding generosity of the CIS community.
Previous Campaign

Campaign for Excellence

The Campaign for Excellence raised funds for the Arts and Language Centre, which opened in 2005.