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Annual Fund

CIS is amongst the highest-ranked international schools in Asia. Outstanding programmes, exceptional faculty and staff and the many extraordinary projects that make CIS the special place that it is, cannot be covered by tuition alone. The goal of the Annual Fund has always been to increase resources and to ensure that our students are receiving the state of the art education that they deserve, accelerating the pace of innovation at CIS in a way that would not be possible through incremental increases to tuition fees and the operating budget.

The CIS Annual Fund is not just about fundraising. Most importantly, it is about community building and working together to enhance the learning experience for our children. It is a robust platform for parents to connect with each other, generate new ideas, share feedback with the school and strengthen school spirit.

Every year in addition to the flagship initiative, the Annual Fund provides support to the Student Dream Fund, Sustainability Fund, professional development, teaching fellows, financial aid and more.
Giving Categories

Phoenix Society

1983 Society

Braemar Hill Society


Headmaster Circle


Flagship Initiative

Each year a flagship initiative is chosen and funded by the Annual Fund. Some of the previous initiatives have focused on Well-being, Sustainability and Sports. The entire school benefits from these initiatives, and the impact is immediately visible.


Reasons to Give


Enhancing facilities and building pride in our school teams

Student Dream Fund

Funding student-led projects & encouraging entrepreneurship in STEAM, partnerships with NGO’s etc.


Providing sustainable energy with solar panel installation

Professional Development

Ensuring cutting edge educational knowledge

Teaching Fellows

Providing extra support in the classroom

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion