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Our Inspiring Students

CIS enrols 1500+ talented and inspiring students who come from a range of cultural backgrounds. Each student is well known to many teachers and carves a unique path from Reception through Year 13 tailored to their individual passions, strengths, and needs.

There is no one type of CIS student. CIS students are artists, athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and more. However, all CIS students share common attributes. They are caring, curious, civic-minded, multilingual, and internationally-minded. These are the attributes that enable them to thrive in a complex and ever-changing world.

Our Students are Artists

Listen to a composer, actress, videographer, violist, and film teacher talk about what it means to be an artist in the 21st century.

Our Students are Athletes

Listen to scholar athletes share their passion for their sport, their experiences representing Hong Kong in competitions around the world, and the commitment that it takes.

Our Students are Leaders

Listen to members of the Secondary Student Council share why they value the role of student government, the importance of amplifying student voices, and how they built community spirit amongst the student body during the pandemic.

Our Students are Scientists

Listen to scientists share the experiences that sparked their interest in science, their favourite scientific breakthroughs, and the ethical dimensions that we have to bear in mind when engaging in science.

Our Students Give Back

Listen to environmental leaders talk about what motivates them, their vision for sustainability at CIS, and the work they are doing to create systemic change.