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Our Dedicated Staff 

Our staff community is composed of 200+ teaching staff, 60+ teaching support staff, and 110+ administrative and building staff all committed to carrying out our mission: enabling our community of learners to discover new paths, build bridges, and flourish on a life’s journey in pursuit of excellence, commitment to service, and stewardship of our future.

Our staff come from Hong Kong, mainland China, and across the globe. We build on our mix of languages, cultures, and perspectives to nurture an inclusive school culture that prepares students to engage respectfully and effectively with a diverse world.

Deputy Head of School

Li Bin

"My style is always a team approach. My goal and strength is to bring the best out of every team member. I think it’s important to empower every team member to have them realise their potential. As our school song goes, “we learn from each other and that way is best.”

Head of Visual Arts, Secondary

Georgina Martignago

"At CIS we’re constantly exploring who we are. We’re looking at the past, we’re looking at traditions. We are using these ideas, exploring these ideas, and trying to establish a new identity."
Executive Director of Advancement

Jane Narich

"Advancement is really important for a school because it’s all about creating a sense of community and then enabling community members. It makes the difference in a school between having a basic curriculum and having a curriculum that’s rich in different programmes and projects."
Primary Chinese Teacher &
Primary English Teacher

Anita Liu &
Ryan Hummer

"CIS is a place where you always have an opportunity to learn. There is so much professional development here. I’ve never seen this level of professionalism at any other school I've been at. It’s a very supportive community and we’re very grateful for all the support we’ve received."
Director of Finance &
Business Administration

Adrian Huen

"I believe that we all have a purpose in life, and that purpose is not just making money or being famous. The easiest thing is to look at the person next to you and ask if there’s anything you can do to help. CIS is a community. It’s a bunch of parents, students, staff, teachers, and the Board coming together and trying our best for our students."
Primary Teacher Librarian

Jeffrey Comer

"As human beings we’re wired to want to experience stories. Whether it’s reading a book or watching a puppet play or film, stories make the world go round. Reading is foundational to school success and children will read when they are given choice and find the activity pleasurable."