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Chinese International School PTA Limited (CISPTA - you will hear us referred to as SISS- puh-tah) consists of all parents and guardians with a child at the school, in addition to full-time faculty and school management. CISPTA is governed by a General Committee that consists of 14 elected parents and each member is elected to a two-year term. 

The mission of CISPTA is to build a vibrant and cohesive community among CIS families, which in turn will help complement and enhance our children's school life experience.  

To fulfill its mission, CISPTA promotes and facilitates open communication between parents and the school administration and encourages parent volunteerism in all areas of school life.



Building Community

One of CISPTA's main goals is to build a strong sense of community within CIS and to facilitate communication and foster partnership among parents, faculty, school leadership and the Board of Governors.


One of CISPTA's biggest priorities is to bring our families together and build a stronger community. We hold many events throughout the year, and we warmly welcome all families to join.


Volunteering is a big part of being a member of the CIS community. All our events are run by volunteers and there is no better way to get to know the school or other parents than to come out and get involved.