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Our Caring Community 

Our tight-knit and caring community is our greatest strength. Our community is composed of students, staff, parents, and alumni from all walks of life united by our love for CIS.  Whether it be parents organising the CIS Fair, our biggest community event of the year, or alumni returning to school to mentor students or sit on a career panel, every day our community members find ways big and small to support and inspire our students.


CIS’ 370+ staff are talented, highly trained individuals, who are dedicated to educating and nurturing the young people in our care. They model character, service, and lifelong learning.


CIS’ 1,500+ students are caring, curious, civic-minded, multilingual, and internationally-minded. Every day they come to school with a joyful passion for learning and inquiry.


Our supportive and passionate parents are an integral part of life at CIS. They partner with the school to apply their talents and skills to the benefit of all students.


CIS’ 5,000+ strong alumni community is global, diverse, and accomplished. The CIS relationship is one for a lifetime and our alums return regularly to school to share their wisdom with the latest generation of students.

Leadership Team

CIS’ Leadership Team is composed of eight dedicated educators committed to nurturing a caring and innovative school culture where all members of the community can flourish.

Board of Governors

Our Governors represent a wide variety of professional backgrounds, ranging from academia and government to finance and technology, and bring their rich perspectives as parents of CIS students and graduates.