CIS and the Local Community

"Service is an integral part of the learning experience at CIS. Through service we develop empathy, cultivate an attitude of gratitude, gain knowledge of real needs in the community, use and hone our individual strengths, and take action."


Service is a core part of who we are and what we do at Chinese International School. Our mission states, "The school prepares its students to be compassionate, ethical and responsible individuals, contributing to local and global communities, respectful of other views, beliefs and cultures, and concerned to make a difference in the world," and our comprehensive service programme exemplifies what we believe about the way we should treat each other.

Service allows our school to contribute to and make a positive impact on local communities. Currently, we have strong relationships with 25 NGOs in Hong Kong that serve a variety of underserved communities and causes around Hong Kong. Our service is action-focused and an integrated part of the learning program. Service brings opportunities to make connections between the curriculum and communities beyond the classroom.

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