AF & Year 9

Fellows-in-Residence bring their expertise and inspiration in individual ways. Our Year 6 student commented on the collective impact and excitement that a Fellow-in-Residence can generate, while here our Year 9 student speaks movingly about the very personal impact that Paper Cutting Artist-in-Residence Beatrice Coron had on her.

Using the simple medium of paper, and paper cutting techniques which have a long history in China and elsewhere, Ms. Coron shared a range of visual storytelling techniques in both Primary and Secondary students in 2017-18 and 2018-19.

She also made a lasting impact by gifting us with scenes of CIS which now hang in the Library and other locations around campus, and inspiring student work in wood and metal, which decorates the Cafeteria and other locations.

Mask-making in 2018
Learning to draw with a knife in 2017
An interactive hub in the Wu Xian Kong Jian
微信文章:和Beatrice Coron一起玩轉剪紙藝術

AF & Year 10