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Back in 2009 when the AF launched, CIS didn’t have a single Apple device, and a major focus of the AF was to provide the hardware and staff training to enable tech-infused learning. In recent years, the AF’s support of tech has been more about ongoing teacher training and the trialling of software and devices, such as Bee-Bots and Makey Makey kits, which allow even our very youngest students learn to code.
Our Y5 students highlight two multi-disciplinary coding-related projects from Year 4:
  • One where they animated a scene from a fairy tale using MIT’s “Scratch” software.
  • And another where they used iPads to programme “Sphero” balls to “paint” works of art inspired by Jackson Pollack and Wu Guanzhong.

Y1 students talk about coding
Examples of coding in other years

The AF & Y5's Favourite Tech Activities

Coming Up

In 2019-20, Year 5s will be working with the Taiyuan Puppet Theatre during the week of Jan 13-17.

All parents are invited to the Arts Lunchbox featuring Taiyuan on Thursday, Feb 20, in the Drama Studio.

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