AF & Year 3

Renovation of the Primary playgrounds was the Flagship Initiative of the 2017-18 Annual Fund, and starting from Spring 2018, all the Primary playgrounds were upgraded. In 2019-20, the L1 Primary courtyard will also be resurfaced over the Christmas break. 
Upgraded play areas include the L1 playground seen in the photo, as well as the three play areas on the top floor of Primary (climbing frame area, ball court area and Zen Zone).
Year 3s also enjoyed a visit by storybook author Matthew Cooper and sessions with music educator Estevao Marques.

The 2019-20 Annual Fund poster shows a Y3 student whose painting won at the HK Art Symposium prize. Supported by the AF “Student Dream Fund”, the Symposium is a student-led initiative aimed at inspiring younger students to enjoy the arts and unleash their creativity.

Be sure to join this annual spring event on a Saturday!

4th Art Symposium Facebook post
3rd Art Symposium Facebook post

AF & Year 4