AF & Year 2

Cathy Hunt was our Digital Artist in Residence for two years. In 2017-18, she worked with Year 2 students, and in 2018-19 she worked with Year 1, Year 6, and Primary and Secondary teachers.
Bringing together technology and the arts, she taught students “stop-motion” animation techniques using the iMotion app. Parents might have heard about projects where students made toy dinosaurs and objects like glue sticks fly, or created Kandinsky-like works with animated lines and shapes.

About Cathy Hunt & iPad Art Room
Year 2 Students at the 2017 AF Impact event.
Hear their video about Ms Hunt.
My dinosaur is dancing! Facebook post

Cathy Hunt女士來二年級的課室分享

Year 2s also enjoyed a visit by storybook author Matthew Cooper and sessions with music educator Estevao Marques.

Coming Up

In 2019-20, Year 5s will be working with the Taiyuan Puppet Theatre during the week of Jan 13-17.

All parents are invited to the Arts Lunchbox featuring Taiyuan on Thursday, Feb 20, in the Drama Studio.

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