AF & Year 11


These students just couldn’t say enough positive things about their Year 10 experience at Hangzhou CIS. They had high praise for the collaborative programme that offers students multiple opportunities to work together and pursue passion-based projects that make the most of Hangzhou and other parts of the Chinese mainland as their classroom and laboratory.
During the 3-week “Beyond” experience, one of the pictured students composed an original work of music, while the other worked as part of a team to create a pop-up restaurant serving a menu of meals inspired by their travels in another province.


How exactly has the AF helped Hangzhou CIS? Well, firstly, the phenomenal first year of the Annual Fund (2009-10) raised the funds that made possible the research and due diligence leading to the selection of the Greentown Yuhua School in Hangzhou as the site and partner for HZCIS which opened in 2013.
After that, the AF made possible the fit-out of the HZCIS black box theatre, where every year all students work together to create an original theatre piece - just one example of the collaboration cited above.
In addition, just about every faculty member has received training in Positive Education or other aspects of student well-being, an important foundation of the year-long boarding experience. The Annual Fund has also brought to HZCIS Fellows-in-Residence, such as the “Beyond Endeavour” team (2019-20), Planetwalker John Francis (2013-14 to 2015-16), and place-based learning expert Aaron Eden.
In short, students and staff in Hangzhou benefit just like students and staff in Hong Kong.

Coming Up

In 2019-20, Year 8 English students and Year 11 students in Drama, Film and Visual Arts will have the chance to work with Fellow-in-Residence Matt Smith, who is best known as a cartoonist, but also works as an illustrator and filmmaker (Nov. 19-20).

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