AF & Whole School


Among other initiatives, the Annual Fund has made possible the school's transition in Spring 2020 to the Zoom platform, a critical tool for online learning.

Well-Being & Student Agency
For All Students

In 2013, CIS launched its Well-Being programme with funding from the 2012-13 Annual Fund, making possible the introduction of CIS's own brand of Positive Education - read more - with guidance from Prof. Lea Waters.

For both 2018-19 and 2019-20, the Annual Fund Flagship Initiative has been a renewed focus on Well-Being - called "For the Good of Students" - with a particular emphasis on Student Agency. By "agency", CIS means ensuring that students have the ability to take charge of their own lives and also make a difference in the lives of others.

As a result, one of the key projects being funded is the "CIS Footprint" sustainability audit, which will set a baseline for future sustainability efforts. CIS is doing this not only merely because we believe in sustainability, but even more importantly because we believe in students' ability to effect change.

Other School-Wide Initiatives

Other examples of AF initiatives impacting all students include:

  • longstanding support of technology trialling and training
  • support for the libraries and library collections,
  • introduction of the Phoenix mascot,
  • and small-scale facilities projects, such as the refurbishment of Primary play areas (2018-2019), resurfacing of the Sports Field (2017), renovation of Reception classrooms (2015), and upgrade of Primary washrooms (2012).

AF & Reception