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One of the greatest challenges a school faces is recruiting and retaining the very best teachers.  The Annual Fund has helped CIS develop a number of new ways to pipeline and retain talent. 

Teaching Fellows

The Teaching Fellows programme brings new talent to CIS to support the Secondary Faculty as teaching assistants.  They may provide in-classroom support, or after-class support via the Math Lab, Writing Centre, Chinese Base Camp, etc.
Sometimes they are new or recent university graduates, who can provide effective support precisely because they are closer in age to students - and quite a few of such fellows have often been CIS alumni who already know the school and school culture well.  But many Teaching Fellows, including all Teaching Fellows for Chinese, are fully qualified teachers who lack the requisite experience to be hired as full teachers.
Examples of former Teaching Fellows who have gone on to become full-fledged faculty members are: Caroline Chan, Lea Choukroun, Alyssa Luo Sha, Sanaz Momeni, Simon Tam '01 and Mandy Xu.

Faculty Fellowships

Faculty Fellowships allow teachers to apply for funds to attend further training courses, usually in the summer.  As for other professions, the ability to attend special workshops, conferences and trainings allows CIS teachers to continue to grow in their area of expertise, keep up with best practice, build their professional networks, and simply  refresh, reflect and be re-inspired.

In recent years, many new hires cite CIS's reputation as a school where one can continue to grow professionally as a major draw. 

Teacher applications for Fellowships must be reviewed and approved by their respective Head of Primary or Secondary.


While most visible because of their interaction with students, our various Fellows- and Experts-in-Residence are another way for CIS teachers to gain exposure to new ways of doing things. And in some cases, Fellows are brought to CIS solely for the purpose of teacher training. 

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