CIS Alumni

CIS Alumni

Our alumni mark takes inspiration from the campus Moongate and traditional seal-carving to symbolise the concept of reunion (團圓 tuan yuan).

All former students of CIS who have completed one semester of study at CIS are considered alumni of the school and members of CIS Alumni. Interested former faculty and staff are also welcomed as members. Encompassing some 3,000 alumni, the network is large, growing and increasingly undertaking new activities.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give the CIS alumni community a platform to engage and connect with one another. By building pride, participation and commitment in support of each other and the school, the association strives to assist its members’ personal advancement in keeping with the school’s mission.

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CIS Alumni encourages its alumni to explore and experience its online portal launched in 2016. We hope our alumni will make it their home to connect with each other, join events, browse photos, pursue interests or even find a job!

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Alumni Board

Hannah Leung '99
Alex Tancock '96

Board Members
Rita Chan '96
Lily Cheng '97
Lawrence Chu '98
Anca Chung ‘00
Yang Wahn Hew '97

Ming Wai Lau '98
Michelle Lam '03
Joseph Luk '00
Martin Ma '99
Jocelyn Teh '03


Alumni Relations Manager

Fiorella Fong '94
(852) 2512-5868

Community Relations Officer

Vera Coetsee
(852) 2512-5886