CIS believes students learn best when a school partners with its community.

The CIS partnership begins with parents, but doesn't end there.

Also extremely dedicated to the school are CIS alumni - the oldest of whom are only in their forties.

In addition, CIS's new "Connected Learning" initiative offers the opportunity for parents and alumni, as well as other friends of the school, to nurture students' extracurricular interests in the rapidly evolving areas of technology, media, entrepreneurship and other domains.


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Board of Governors

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Since CIS's earliest days when they provisioned the school lunch and bus services, parents have always been encouraged to play a visible and supportive role in the education of their children.

Families are kept well abreast of each child's progress and of school developments through regular communications, information sessions and other opportunities to meet and gather with teachers, staff and fellow parents. They also receive formal feedback on each child's progress from written school reports (two times per year) and parent-student-teacher conferences (two times per year).


The school offers a wide array of volunteer opportunities for both parents and alumni.

Once their children are enrolled, CIS parents have ample opportunity to learn about how they may volunteer to provide one-off assistance as a mystery reader, backstage hand, sports team booster, or Careers Day speaker; or serve in longer-term roles as a class parent, Annual Fund Advocate, or school Governor - to cite just a few examples.


The CIS Parents & Teachers Association - called "CISPTA" (SISS-puh-tah) - plays a pivotal role in fostering communication between parents and school and in building community spirit.

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