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Professional Development

CIS is committed to ensuring our faculty and staff grow as professionals and prioritises authentic professional learning. Every year, opportunities are provided to help staff implement school initiatives. In addition, personal professional development opportunities are available to help staff delve deeper in their areas of expertise.

These professional learning opportunities are reinforced by a strong culture of collaboration at the school. Secondary faculty have 50-minute weekly collaboration time and Primary faculty have weekly collaborative planning meetings and monthly collaborative curriculum team meetings.

At CIS, our faculty and staff model for our students what it truly means to be a lifelong learner. Thanks to the generosity and support of our community, we are a well-resourced school and able to provide:

Summer Fellowships

With the support of our Annual Fund, our faculty have the opportunity to attend conferences including Project Zero, Futures of Learning, MIT J-WEL, Teacher Training Centre (TTC), and Principals’ Training Centre (PTC).

Personal PD Budget

We provide our teachers a personal Professional Development budget of HK$4,000 each year.

IB Workship Training

CIS offers a wide variety of IB Professional Development options and pathways, all of which are supported by a global architecture, consistently high-quality materials and ongoing workshop leader training.

CIS-hosted PD

CIS has hosted professional development workshops with leading educators, for example Cognitive Coaching with Ochen Powell, Visible Well-Being with Professor Lea Waters, DEIJ training with Angeline Aow, and Bold Moves for Schools with Marie Alcock.

CIS-supported PD

CIS provides opportunities for teachers to attend external workshops and conferences, such as 21CLHK, CASE and Learning 2.0.

Teachers Teaching Teachers

CIS provides opportunities for teachers to learn from one another, including internal professional development workshops, and “Lunch & Learn” sessions.