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Thank you for your interest in CIS! We are a community of passionate educators, skilled administrators, and dedicated operational staff who work together to provide an outstanding education for our students. Recognised as a leader in bilingual and intercultural education, our Reception-Year 13 programme provides purposeful, rigourous, and joyful student learning experiences.

These are exciting times to join the CIS community. We have just launched Vision ’33, our strategic plan which serves as the road map in the period leading up to our school’s 50th anniversary in 2033. Key focus areas include investing in staff well-being and establishing an Innovation Lab to support teachers in researching and creating cutting-edge pedagogical approaches. At CIS, faculty and staff have a myriad of opportunities to grow as professionals and are supported by a schoolwide culture of collaboration and innovation.

We welcome applicants from around the world and value diverse backgrounds and experiences. We look forward to speaking with you!

We Are Team CIS

Our staff are our greatest strength. Our passionate educators, skilled administrators, and dedicated operational staff work together to care for our students and help each student flourish.



Teaching Staff


Operational & Maintenance Staff




Staff Tenure



At CIS, staff well-being is anchored by respectful interactions, participation in educational decision-making, an abundance of professional development, possibilities for career advancement, and recognition through competitive compensation.

Professional Development

CIS is committed to ensuring our faculty and staff grow as professionals and prioritises authentic professional learning opportunities. Our faculty and staff model for our students what it truly means to be a lifelong learner.

Living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant city with a long-established entrepreneurial spirit where East meets West. There is so much to explore, discover and experience in the dynamic urban centres, idyllic beaches or high in the green mountains of Hong Kong.



Head of Primary

Anne Gardon

"I think I was blessed with a school experience that was incredibly positive. I was that kid who couldn’t wait to go back to school by July, did all my book reports in June, and just loved going to school. So when it finally occurred to me that I wanted to go into education, it was a totally natural decision and I’ve never looked back."
Head of Secondary

Christine Doleman

"When you walk into the school, everybody is so friendly and there’s a community feel. The students are quite phenomenal. They will address you in a very polite way about any issues they might have. I think that’s a skill and a credit to the teachers and the programme that they’ve gone through."
Director of Administrative Services, Secondary

Laszlo Varro

"I took a group of kids to South Africa for Project Week. I always learn a lot more about my students in a week when we travel than in a whole year in a classroom. I learn about their perseverance, resilience, integrity, and determination. That’s something you can’t measure on a mathematics test. You have to experience it."
Director of Sports and Activities

Allan Fraser

"The most important thing for me is development. It doesn’t matter for me if my teams are winning. If I can turn around in six months and look at where they started and where they are now, that’s what puts a real smile on my face."
Head of Chinese for Reception to Year 2

Tina Ding

"The best part about Primary is the collaborative teaching model. Chinese and English teachers work together in the same classroom every day. We discuss the curriculum, watch the kids grow, and share all resources, ideas, and practices. We have to be open and flexible."
University Counsellor

Sow Fun Dawson

"Each university counsellor has a group of students to work with and we get to know our students really well. I’m still in touch with my students from 10, 20 years ago, and now their children are applying to CIS Reception. It’s a very rewarding profession. I’m very, very lucky that I’ve stayed in touch with them over the years."