Years 7-13

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About Year 7-13 Admissions

Approximately 900 students are enrolled in the Secondary school: up to 147 students in Years 7-9; up to 130 students in Year 10; 120 students in Year 11; and approximately 110 students in Years 12-13.

Places are available at many year levels; however, the entry point with the greatest number of places is Year 7 - the first year of CIS Secondary - because our Secondary school is larger than our Primary school. With a maximum of 96 places expanding to 147, a minimum of 51 new places will be available in Year 7.

For admission to the Secondary school, a solid command of English is essential since the main language of instruction is English. Beginning level Chinese is offered at Year 7. Year 13 applications will normally be considered only from students already enrolled in an IB Diploma Programme.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for new students entering in Years 8 and above. Please view the Financial Aid page.

When to Apply

Applications will be accepted up to one year before the desired date of entry, but not earlier. The application period is from September 1, beginning one academic year prior to entry.

Grades Applying For

Application Period

Years 7-13 in 2020-21

Please contact Admissions Office

Years 7-13 in 2021-22

From 1 September 2020 (see more below)

1. Online Application

Please complete an Online Application beginning from September 1 and ideally no later than early November, as admissions assessments will begin in November.

Applications received after the suggested application period will still be processed. However, because places will be offered to suitable applicants on a rolling basis after each assessment session, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early to avoid disappointment. Please also note that some courses may reach their quotas, so students admitted later in the school year may not be able to take their first subject choices. Closing dates for different year levels will depend on the enrollment situation for that year group and may vary from year to year.

Children who are applying with a Corporate Nomination Right, have siblings at CIS, or who have a parent who is an alumnus/a or a teacher of CIS have priority in the admissions process (however, possession of a CNR, or sibling, alumni or teacher status does not guarantee admission).

A non-refundable application fee of HK$2,000 should be paid at the time of application.

Note: the Online Application may be completed before or after attending an Information Session.

2. Information Sessions

Applicant families interested in Year 7 must attend an Information Session to learn more about CIS. Applicant families interested in Year 8 to 13 are strongly encouraged to attend. The Information Session enables families to gain a stronger understanding of CIS’ mission and culture and is a mandatory part of the Year 7 admissions process.

Information Session dates for a given academic year are typically posted in early/mid September. Sign-up is online.

Each Information Session for Secondary lasts approximately two hours and includes a campus tour.

Note: Information Sessions in the current academic year are for applicants seeking entry in the following academic year. Applicants interested in admission in two years' time are advised to join an Information Session in the following academic year.

3. Entrance Assessment

Assessment sessions take place from November of the academic year preceding the desired year of entry. All applicants will have an opportunity to sit the assessment.

Assessment involves written tests in English, Chinese and Mathematics, and one-on-one oral interviews in English and Chinese (Mandarin) if the applicant has prior background in the language. Sessions are held on Saturdays. Written tests are held in the morning and last approximately three hours. Oral interviews are held on the same day in the afternoon and last approximately 15 minutes.

Parents and/or applicants may also be invited to come to school on another scheduled date for a meeting. This is a further opportunity for families to ask questions and learn more about CIS.


Parents are usually notified of admissions decisions 3-4 weeks after the assessment and individual meetings have taken place.

View the main Admissions page for information about acceptances and re-applications.

Year 7-13 Timetable

From Sept 1: Open for applications
Nov/Dec: Information Sessions
From Nov: Entrance Assessment
3-4 Wks After Assessment: Notifications

Info Sessions for Years 7-13 2021-22

  • 17 November 2020 1:15pm

Sign Up (17 Nov)

  • 7 December 2020 1:15pm

Sign Up (7 Dec)


Reception & Primary Applications
Tel: (852) 2512-5988

Secondary Applications
Tel: (852) 2512-5915

Admissions Office

Chinese International School
1 Hau Yuen Path
Braemar Hill
Hong Kong SAR, China

Which School Entrance to Use:
  • Visitors to the Admissions Office should use the New Tower entrance on Braemar Hill Road, facing St. Joan of Arc School.
  • Those attending Information Sessions should use the main school entrance on Hau Yuen Path and proceed to the Auditorium.