Tuition & Other Costs


Tuition for the 2022-23 school year is:

  • Reception: HK$ 183,600 
  • Year 1-6: HK$ 243,300
  • Year 7-11: HK$287,300
  • Year 12-13: HK$291,200

*There is a boarding fee for students attending Hangzhou CIS in Year 10. The boarding fee may be found on Hangzhou "Fees, travel & other logistics" page.

Other Costs

Other education-related costs on top of tuition may include but are not limited to:

    • Uniforms (required for Reception through Year 11)
    • Books or other educational resources and materials (will vary depending on year level and classes)
    • Camps, Service & Action Week, and other required trips (will vary depending on year level and classes)
    • Laptop (all students moving into Year 7, whether new or existing, plus new students entering other Secondary year levels)
    • School Bus (optional)
    • School Lunch (optional)
    • Hangzhou CIS - there is a boarding fee for students attending Hangzhou CIS in Year 10. The boarding fee may be found on the Hangzhou "Admissions" page.

Updated April 26, 2018


Annual Capital Levy (from 2018-19)

Students admitted to CIS from the school year 2018-19 will be required to pay an Annual Capital Levy of HK$28,000 per year. The Annual Capital Levy funds future capital expenditures, such as routine maintenance of the CIS physical plant. The Annual Capital Levy applies to all students, including Corporate Nomination Right nominees, who join CIS in or after school year 2018-19.

Note: the amount of the Annual Capital Levy may be reviewed and adjusted from time to time.

The following sections are only relevant for students admitted prior to school year 2018-19.

Nomination Rights or Annual Levy

Students admitted to CIS prior to the school year 2018-19 are not required to pay the aforementioned Annual Capital Levy introduced from 2018-19, but must either be nominated under a Nomination Right or pay an Annual Levy.

There are two kinds of Nomination Rights: Corporate Nomination Rights (CNRs) - see relevant web page; and Personal Nomination Rights (PNRs) - see below.

Annual Levy

A parent of a child admitted to CIS prior to 2018-19 may elect to pay an Annual Levy as an alternative to a CNR or PNR.

Once an applicant has been admitted, the applicant family will be asked to confirm acceptance and hold the student's place with immediate payment of the relevant fees for either a Personal Nomination Right (HK$75,000); or the Annual Levy (HK$17,500) plus the sum of HK$52,500 which will be credited to the first term tuition payment - i.e., a total sum of HK$70,000 (HK$17,500 + HK$52,500) is required to secure a student's place.


A PNR is acquired upon the student being enrolled into CIS. As such, and unlike the CNR, it does NOT confer any priority in the application or admissions process.

A PNR is issued in the name of the parent or guardian of a student and is for the use of the student on whose behalf that Nomination Right is issued.

It is non-transferable.

PNRs issued before the school year 2012-13

Before 2012-13, PNRs were issued at a price of HK$75,000. They entitle the relevant student to complete his/her schooling at CIS on the terms set out in the old PNR certificate.

These old PNRs may be redeemed in full when the enrolled student leaves the school. Some families choose to donate the PNR redemption amount to the school.

PNRs issued starting from the school year 2012-13

Starting from 2012-13, a separate PNR has been required to attend Primary and Secondary, respectively. Therefore, a student admitted after 2012-13 but prior to 2018-19 and attending both Primary and Secondary at CIS will require two PNRs during their course of study.

The current cost of a PNR is HK$75,000 although this may be reviewed and adjusted from time to time. This amount is paid upon enrollment.


PNR Redemption

Subject as mentioned below, the PNR may be redeemed when the student leaves CIS. However, the amount of the PNR which will be reimbursed on redemption is subject to reduction over the course of 7-years on a pro rata basis (calculated as set out below). Any reimbursement will only be made at the end of the school year and outstanding fees will, as usual, be deducted from the amount of the reimbursement.

Upon leaving CIS, some families choose to donate any remaining PNR redemption amount to the school. This is easy to arrange and gratefully appreciated. Please contact the Advancement Office at Tel. 2512-5882, for more information. A receipt will be issued as for a cash donation.

The amount reimbursable is as follows, and is applicable to PNRs for both Primary and Secondary:

Departure during 1st year
until commencement of 2nd year
(i.e., less a further $10,800)
Departure during 2nd year
until commencement of 3rd year
(i.e., less a further $10,700)
Departure during 3rd year
until commencement of 4th year
(i.e., less a further $10,700)
Departure during 4th year
until commencement of 5th year
(i.e., less a further $10,700)
Departure during 5th year
until commencement of 6th year
(i.e., less a further $10,700)
Departure during 6th year
until commencement of 7th year
(i.e., less a further $10,700)
Departure after commencement of 7th yearHK$0
(i.e., less a further $10,700)