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Welcome to CIS, a vibrant Reception-Year 13 learning community where students flourish through a bilingual, intercultural programme of the highest calibre. Guided by caring, creative, dedicated teachers, our learners develop their sense of self, explore their interests, find many paths to success, and develop a profound sense of responsibility for the planet and the greater good.

During the fourteen-year span from Reception through Year 13, our students experience a purposeful, rigorous, and joyful academic and co-curricular programme. Our graduates are highly motivated, compassionate, confident, and culturally-competent young people who go on to thrive and lead in the world beyond CIS.

We are delighted that you are considering a CIS education for your child(ren) and look forward to introducing you to our dynamic programme and answering any questions you may have.
We Are CIS Students Video

We Are CIS Students 

CIS students are caring, curious, confident, and critical thinkers. Hear why our students love coming to school every day!

We Are CIS Parents 

CIS parents are energetic, committed, and an integral part of school life. Hear why parents love being a part of the CIS community!


Application Process

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About Us

CIS provides an outstanding bilingual and intercultural education for students from Reception through Year 13.



"The school really emphasises the Chinese core values of Ren仁, Yi義, Li禮, Zhi智 and Xin信. And during different classes, through stories, and the teachers’ interactions with the kids, they also emphasise these values.” 
- Anita Ma, CIS Parent
“My teachers are all so good that I don’t have a favourite!”
- Justin, Year 6
"When you walk in, what you get is a happy place where kids are smiling.”
- Philip Lynch, CIS Parent
"CIS has a programme where they send an entire year group to Hangzhou to live together and be fully immersed in Hangzhou and China’s culture. Hangzhou was one of the best experiences of my life."
- Elizabeth, Year 11
"When anyone ever asks us about CIS, the first thing you think of is community. It’s a wonderful growth experience for your entire family."
- Simmi Malhotra, CIS Parent 
"CIS allows us to enhance our learning by giving us opportunities like going out of Hong Kong and experiencing other cultures."
- Emily, Year 10
"CIS provides me with the opportunity to have friends who are super supportive through everything."

- Elizabeth, Year 11