Online Application

Please have the following documents ready for uploading to your online application.

1. Identity Documents

Documents should be in PDF, JPG, GIF or PNG format, and no larger than 800KB per file.

  • Birth Certificate,
  • Passport (if available) page with photograph,
  • Hong Kong Visa (if available),
  • Hong Kong Identity Card (if available).

2. Photo(s)

Photos should be in JPG, GIF or PNG format (not PDF), and no larger than 800KB per file. For best results, the largest dimension (height or width) of the photo should be 300 pixels or less.

  • Recent photo of applicant,
  • Recent photo of applicant family (optional for Reception applicants, not required for applicants to Years 1-13).

3. School Report(s)

PDF format

  • For applicants to Reception: latest report, if available.
  • For applicants to Years 1-11: previous year, plus current year if available.
  • For applicants to Years 12-13: previous 2 years, plus current year if available.


Please also prepare to upload the follow three items (#4 to #6):

4. One-Page Activities/Achievement Resume

This should include a list of the recent activities and achievements of the applicant. These may include such things as:

  • Sports teams participation
  • Community service participation
  • Leadership roles
  • Musical instruments, including levels achieved
  • Drama productions
  • Other activities or achievements

Please do not include copies of certificates, etc., and limit the resume to one page only.

5. Letter: "Why I wish to join CIS"

This letter must be handwritten by the applicant in English and must be no more than one page in length.

  • This letter should include personal insights as to why a student has applied to CIS or why he or she wishes to join CIS.
  • The letter may also explain what qualities/experiences the individual student can bring to CIS.

6. Secondary Admissions Parent Questionnaire

This questionnaire must be completed by the applicant’s parent or legal guardian in either English or Chinese. Click here to download.

Application Fee

After submitting the online application, please make a payment of HK$2,000 for the non-refundable application fee.

An application is not considered complete until the non-refundable application fee is received.

For overseas applicants wishing to pay in currencies other than Hong Kong dollars, the fee is US$280 or the equivalent in order to cover relevant bank charges.

Applicants to Reception and Secondary only:

Applicants proceeding to Stage 2 of the Reception admissions process or Secondary applicants will be asked to pay an additional non-refundable assessment fee of HK$2,000.