Corporate Nomination Rights

Updated September 1, 2017

Students admitted to the Chinese International School may be nominated under a Corporate Nomination Right, but a Corporate Nomination Right is NOT mandatory for admission.

Please be aware that there is an Annual Capital Levy requirement for all students admitted from school year 2018-19 and students admitted under a CNR are not exempt from this requirement.

The exercise of a Corporate Nomination Right is subject to (a) the availability of a place, and (b) the candidate's satisfying the school's standard admission requirements.

CNR Ownership

A CNR will be issued to a company which has been approved by the school.

Ownership of a CNR confers the following rights:

    • The company may nominate one child at a time for a place at the school under each CNR.

    • The school will guarantee that such child will be given an interview when a space becomes available.

    • Priority is given in the admissions procedure. A CNR does not guarantee the admission of an applicant. All candidates must be assessed and must meet the school's entry criteria.

CNR Redemption

Redemption of all CNRs will take place at the end of a ten-year period starting from the issue date of the CNR (as shown on the certificate) or, if the student designated under the CNR is attending the school at the end of such ten-year period, after the completion of the studies of such student at the school, whichever is later. The price payable by the school on the redemption of a CNR is the original issue price for that CNR, as shown on the certificate.

Redemption of CNRs Issued Prior to 2012

The school has begun a programme to buy back all CNRs which were in issue prior to 2012 at their original issue price (as shown on the relevant certificate).

The old CNRs (i.e., those issued prior to 2012) will continue to be transferable until they are redeemed.

Upon redemption, the holder of the old CNR has the option (exercisable only once) to acquire a replacement non-transferable new CNR at a cost of HK$5 million (revised price, effective 1 Dec 2017). The CNR cost may be reviewed and adjusted from time to time. Apart from their issue price, the main difference between the old CNRs and the new CNRs is that the new CNRs are non-transferable.


    • The new CNRs are only available on a replacement basis to companies which held an old CNR. The new CNRs are not being made available to the general public at this time.

    • The school will continue to review and, if appropriate, approve the transfer of old CNRs but only if they have been in issue for less than 10 years. As mentioned above, when they have been in issue for over 10 years, they will become subject to the redemption programme.

    • When a new CNR has been in issue for over 10 years or when the student enrolled under that new CNR graduates or leaves the school (whichever is later), the CNR will be redeemed at the original issue price.

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