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CIS-Developed Curriculum

Year 10 & 11

In August 2018, the school embarked on an exciting initiative for the Year 11 academic programme, and moved from an IB MYP assessment criteria model to a school-developed assessment criteria model. By implementing this change, the school has been able to design, structure and assess student development based on learning objectives and criteria more closely linked with bridging the gap between IB MYP and DP expectations. Year 11 student learning now links more closely with the interdisciplinary work and project-based learning which is central to the Hangzhou experience in Year 10.


Year 10

CIS Hangzhou

In August 2013, CIS launched a one-year academic and residential programme of the highest calibre for Year 10 students in Hangzhou. The programme is an intensive year-long journey of discovery built on the four pillars of China, Challenge, Character, and Communities.

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Year 10-12

Project Week

Project Week provides opportunities for service learning as well as engagement in physically-challenging outdoor activities that develop resilience and perseverance. Examples of Project Week trips include hiking in the Himalayas and community service in Laos.


Year 10-12

Hong Kong Experience Programme (HKEP)

For 10 school days, Year 10 and 11 students engage in the Hong Kong Experience Programme. Students have the opportunity to be immersed in the Arts, take part in a service-learning programme or complete a personalised project.