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IB DP Results

For nearly 30 years the IB has helped prepare CIS students to thrive in the world’s top university programmes and the workplace. Our consistently strong results show that the IB is well-respected by universities who welcome our students’ applications wholeheartedly. Moreover, our results testify not only to CIS’ culture of achievement but also to the commitment of our teacher to nurturing the talents of all students.

pass rate for 100 CIS students who sat for exams

of students score
> 40 points


average DP score
(out of 45 points)


students scoring a maximum mark of 45 points

One thing I’m sure we’ve all learnt from the past few years is that life can get pretty heavy, especially if you try to carry it on your own, all at once. So I hope we as a community can forever look to one another for support and comfort.  Jessica Poon Head Girl, Class of 2022


"Through the rigorous IB DP programme, I have developed into a more mature, well-rounded, forward thinking young adult. The challenges faced have equipped me with both academic and interpersonal skills that will prepare me for life beyond high school. I am deeply grateful for my teachers for their endless support throughout this journey."
- Gloria Poon ‘22, CIS Alumna
“The CIS IB DP faculty members provided strong support in every facet of our child's journey towards college. Exceptional college counselling made the ride smoother for all of us!”
- Ava and Bron Vujovich, CIS Parents
"I have found my daughter’s level of intellectual maturity and critical thinking has risen dramatically through the CIS IB DP programme. It has made her better at researching and writing clearly and positioned her extremely well for the academic transition to university."
- Steve Irvine and Mei Zhang, CIS Parents