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Secondary Programme

Year 7-13

At CIS, the Secondary programme aims to empower students to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and personal qualities they need to participate effectively in life in the 21st century.

Year 7 through 9 are foundational years focused on encouraging students to be active, open-minded, independent learners. Through a balanced curriculum, an extensive student affairs programme and a variety of co-curricular activities (CCAs), students are provided with a holistic learning environment that encourages life-long learning.

Year 10 and 11 are unique programmes that encourage students to develop greater self-knowledge while also becoming more active contributors to the various communities to which they belong. The Year 10 experience takes place at CIS Hangzhou and offers considerable scope for personalised, project-based and interdisciplinary learning, as well as a focus on service. In Year 11, students return to the Hong Kong campus and undertake a school-developed curriculum and assessment model, designed to bridge the gap between MYP and DP expectations, while aligning with the Hangzhou experience.

Year 12 and 13 maintain the whole-person approach, offering an academically challenging and engaging programme with a focus on helping students develop their intellectual curiosity, confidence, independence, and leadership capacity.  

The main language of instruction at the Secondary school is English and a solid command of this language is necessary in order to apply.  Chinese (Mandarin) is a required subject and is offered at different levels.  Explore below to learn more about our approach to learning at the Secondary school.  

Experiential Learning

At CIS, we believe that through travel, students will be able to understand and appreciate the perspectives and worldviews of others, engage in open, appropriate and effective interactions across cultures and examine local, global and intercultural issues.

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Flexi-time supports students’ personal, social and health education and provides enrichment opportunities for student learning. A 50-minute Flexi-time period is part of every student’s daily experience and includes activities such as advisory, student-led activities, designated programmes such as digital citizenship and health education, exploratory activities, passion projects and extended learning.

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Service Learning

Service is an integral part of the learning experience at CIS. Through service we develop empathy, cultivate an attitude of gratitude, gain knowledge of real needs in the community, use and hone our individual strengths and take action.

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Social-Emotional Counsellors and Learning Enhancement teachers collaborate with students, staff and parents to support students’ academic, social, and emotional growth. University and Careers Counsellors support students in the university application process and guide students in their consideration of possible career paths.

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Student Life

Committed to the development of the whole person, CIS offers a varied co-curricular activities (CCA) programme, including arts, music, sports, academic & enrichment, communication & language, as well as global Issues, community, environment, and service.

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