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A 50-minute Flexi-time period is part of every student’s daily experience. Flexi-time operates on a five-day schedule and aligns with the school’s goals to promote well-being, to support personal, social and health education and to provide enrichment opportunities for student learning. Flexi-time will also facilitate student agency, choice and voice. Some regular features of the Flex-time are set out below:


Advisory seeks to promote well-being and the aims of the school by allowing faculty members and students to meet in small groups on a regular basis to discuss and reflect on school life and broader issues, to engage in activities, and to allow students to receive advice and support from a trusted mentor. Advisory will help students feel a sense of belonging and build a positive, personalised community for students and teachers.

School Assemblies

School assemblies bring students together - in year and whole school configurations - to celebrate accomplishments, build community, facilitate student voice, and mark significant cultural events.

Digital Citizenship

Lessons developed by Common Sense Media to help students become responsible, critical and ethical users of technology. 


As the name suggests an exploratory allows students to have a short-term guided experience that helps develop student voice and agency. 

Extended Learning

Ever want to finally master the art of writing a strong thesis statement? Or work out how secant lines function in mathematics? Or get some help so that your next Chinese presentation will be your best yet. Extended Learning allows the school to come together as a community of learners and gives teachers the space and time to assist students with their learning needs. 

Passion Project & Master Class

Be inspired and learn from the best in these specially curated lessons for CIS students. 


University Counselling 

University and careers guidance from our UC team. 


Choose from a range of classes designed to enhance your happiness and well-being.