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Experiential Learning

At Chinese International School we believe that by exposing students to different cultures, traditions and environments, CIS staff can contribute to the fulfillment of the CIS Mission of empowering students to “discover new paths, build bridges, and and flourish on a life’s journey in pursuit of excellence, commitment to service, and stewardship of our future.”  The opportunity will open our students’ eyes, minds and hearts to the world around them, and will make them better human beings. While engaged in international travel, CIS students will be able to understand and appreciate the perspectives and world views of others, engage in open, appropriate and effective interactions across cultures and examine local, global and intercultural issues.  


Year 7-9


Year 7-9 Camps provide an opportunity for students to learn by doing. Students develop an awareness of their strengths, learn new skills, participate in team-building activities, challenge themselves to take risks, appreciate nature, and develop an increased awareness of environmental concerns.


Year 7-9

China Experience Programme (CEP)

The China Experience Programme is an integral part of the CIS curriculum designed to extend and enrich classroom learning in Chinese for Year 7-9 students. Students have travelled to cities including Yangshuo, Xian Nanjing and Kunming.


Year 10-12

Project Week

Project Week provides opportunities for service learning as well as engagement in physically-challenging outdoor activities that develop resilience and perseverance. Examples of Project Week trips include hiking in the Himalayas and community service in Laos.


Year 10-12

Hong Kong Experience Programme (HKEP)

For 10 school days, Year 10 and 11 students engage in the Hong Kong Experience Programme. Students have the opportunity to be immersed in the Arts, take part in a service-learning programme or complete a personalised project.


School Breaks

Other Opportunities

We offer a wide range of additional experiential learning opportunities for students to participate in during school breaks including visiting historical sites in Central Europe, participating in a leadership programme in Hawaii, and joining a service trip to Botswana.