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Social-Emotional Counsellors and Learning Enhancement teachers collaborate with students, staff and parents to support students’ academic, social, and emotional growth. University and Careers Counsellors support students in the university application process and guide students in their consideration of possible career paths.

University Counselling

The University Counselling Department supports every student in finding institutions that best meet their educational and personal goals and aspirations and assists students to prepare and submit the best applications possible.  The counsellors help each student get to know themselves better so they are in the best position to determine what is the best fit for their individual interests.  They educate students and families about the available post-secondary options, and provide professional guidance toward educational systems and individual institutions that help them to achieve their goals.  The counsellors empower every student to take the lead in their own research and application process and partner with families to ensure a positive experience for all. 


Individual & Career Advancement

The Individual and Career Advancement (ICA) programme is based on personal and career exploration and is designed to assist students in identifying their own individual strengths and objectives in preparation for major decisions such as IB Diploma course choices, post-secondary study and ultimately career options. It is designed to make a major contribution in preparing students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. It will help students make decisions and prepare for transitions as learners and as professionals. 


Counselling Department

The Counselling Department aims to offer support and advocacy to develop the social and emotional competence and well-being of secondary students at CIS. In doing so our counsellors aim to enhance students' ability to overcome obstacles, and reach their full potential.  Students in the Secondary school can self refer, or can be referred by Heads of Year, teachers, advisors or parents.  Our counsellors also welcome students and parents to meet with them as a family.  Support can be offered in many forms from informal chats to ongoing counselling sessions. Our counsellors also provide formal presentations as part of the curriculum and outreach to the community in classrooms, advisory and assemblies.


Learning Enhancement  

Learning Enhancement (LE) aims to provide support services for students to receive the direction, time, encouragement, and resources to reach their potential. Students with learning exceptionalities might experience transient or persistent difficulties, and the LE department aims to provide the necessary support for them to meet the academic demands of the rigorous curriculum. For Year 7-10, the LE department offers some small-group and in-class support for qualifying students, and for Year 11-13 provides organisation and time management coaching, as well as accommodated exam settings for students who meet the IB’s criteria.