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Experiential Learning

Camps provide students with an opportunity for exploration, character development, hands-on learning, and fun. In addition, the Year 6 Taipei Trip provides students with an opportunity to be immersed in a Chinese-speaking environment and to experience a new culture.


Year 4 Camp

Year 4 students engage in a number of outdoor activities during a 3-day Camp with the aim to integrate fun, the acquisition of new skills, and personal development. It is often young students’ first real opportunity to demonstrate their independence.


Year 5 Camp

Year 5 Camp is an integral part of the Building a Learning Community unit and students participate in learning expeditions studying various aspects of Cheung Chau Island and its environment.


Year 6 Camp

Year 6 Camp is a highly exciting and stimulating experiential learning experience where students learn by doing! Run by Asia Pacific Adventure (APA) students learn and have fun in an interactive, high-impact environment.


Year 6 Taipei Trip

Taiwan offers students an exclusively Chinese (Mandarin) speaking environment and the opportunity to experience a range of cultural activities, all in a safe environment.