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CIS aims to develop understanding and encourages students to enquire and to think critically and creatively. The school strives for balance among the disciplines and for balance between classroom and non-classroom learning.

In Primary, equal time is devoted to the two languages of English and Chinese (Mandarin) and much of the school-developed curriculum is delivered in both languages.

In Secondary, we offer the IB MYP curriculum in Year 7-9, a unique school-developed curriculum in Year 10-11, and the IBDP curriculum in Year 12-13. Chinese is mainly taught as one among the subject areas, while also being foregrounded through the dual-language Chinese History programme (Years 7-9), the two-week China Experience Programme (Years 7-9) and the year-long CIS Hangzhou programme (Year 10).

Primary School

The Primary School at CIS takes pride in its innovative approach to collaborative teaching and learning. Every homeroom is headed by two teaching partners, one native Chinese (Mandarin) speaker and one native English speaker who collaborate to plan for and facilitate student learning in all subject areas, developing a holistic view of each child as a dual-language learner.

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YEAR 7-13

Secondary School

The Secondary programme empowers students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to participate effectively in life in the 21st century. Year 7-9 focuses on being active, open-minded, independent learners. Year 10-11 focuses on developing greater self-knowledge and becoming more active contributors to their communities. Year 12-13 focuses on developing intellectual curiosity, confidence, independence, and leadership capacity.

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CIS Hangzhou

The CIS Hangzhou programme makes maximum use of the resources of the city to enhance students’ Chinese language proficiency and understanding of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture. The majority of the curriculum is taught through an inter-disciplinary and project-based learning approach.

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