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CIS Hangzhou

Our CIS Hangzhou programme is unique. At its heart is the aim to achieve the very best for our students as we live and learn alongside each other, during which will most certainly be one of the most marvellous and memorable years of schooling. We wholeheartedly believe that the Hangzhou experience adds the greatest value to our students, encouraging them to be at their best and having a deep and lasting impact into their future. Explore below to learn more about our programme at CIS Hangzhou!


Curriculum & Programme

Taught in English and Chinese, the CIS Hangzhou curriculum makes maximum use of the resources of the city and environs to enhance students’ Chinese language proficiency and understanding of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture. 

Student Life & Well-being

Student life is at the heart of our curriculum at CIS Hangzhou and the well-being of students is embedded across all areas of the programme.

Sports Programme

CIS Hangzhou offers a Core, Individual and Elective Sports Programme.

Music Programme

CIS Hangzhou offers a Whole School Choir, individual lessons and music ensembles. 

China as our Classroom

The city of Hangzhou is a cultural classroom unto itself as both one of China’s oldest cultural hubs and also one of China's most progressive metropolises.  Students have many opportunities to go out into the city, with appropriate supervision, for community service and for leisure activities.

Campus & Residential Life

The facilities at CIS Hangzhou's mini-campus are designed to be in line with those of top boarding schools anywhere in the world. They are housed in two custom-built halls, located at the heart of Greentown Yuhua School (GYS) campus, our partner school.