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Curriculum & Programme 

Taught in English and Chinese, the formal CIS Hangzhou curriculum makes maximum use of the resources of the city and environs to enhance students’ Chinese language proficiency and understanding of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture.

Our CIS Hangzhou students enjoy a high degree of personal attention and teachers have been specifically hired to ensure experience in and commitment to international education and boarding school life.

Our curriculum has four interconnected parts.  Our concept of a curriculum represents a hybrid of the best of contemporary practice: learning in depth, positive education, project based learning and traditional disciplines.  The useful image of a tetrahedron, a four-cornered solid with all four points connected to each other, was taken as a visualisation of something balanced, inter-connected and grounded with a secure base whichever way it falls.  

We have renamed these four recognised focuses of contemporary practice to “Autonomy”, “Better Being”, “Collaboration” and “Disciplines” and they are intended to ensure that our students connect to the fullest with their living and learning environment in Hangzhou and acquire the skills needed for success in the 21st century.

Hear from our students as they describe their approach to learning at CIS Hangzhou.

CISHZ goes BEYOND - a masquerade ball, new instruments, a football tournament, a car, airplanes, skeeball, films, food, and more.