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Campus & Residential Life

The facilities of CIS Hangzhou's mini-campus are designed to be in line with those of top boarding schools anywhere in the world. They are housed in two custom-built halls, located at the heart of Greentown Yuhua School (GYS) campus, our partner school.

Facilities have been planned for a maximum enrollment of 144 students. CIS Hangzhou's two main buildings face each other, and are located on a major campus pathway close to GYS's main sports field and two campus gates.

CIS Hangzhou’s residence hall offers camaraderie, care and supervision twenty-four hours a day. Personal living space has been designed to be both sociable and cosy. There is a maximum of four students per room. Each pod or dorm of up to 12 students (3 rooms) is under the care and guidance of a Coach Mentor – a recent university graduate who serves as a role model and positive influence. To date, most Coach Mentors have been alumni/ae of either CIS or the Teach for China programme.

Each grouping of up to 24 students (3 dorms/pods) comprises a house (Ren 仁, Yi 義, Li 禮, Zhi 智, Xin 信 and Yong 勇), under the care of a Head of House who is a senior faculty member and two Coach Mentors. Every Head of House and Coach Mentor - together with their students - builds the solidarity of house and dorm life in his or her own way.

About Greentown Yuhua School (GYS)

CIS Hangzhou is viewed as a flagship programme for both GYS and the city of Hangzhou.

Founded in 1993, GYS is a top private school with an innovative, internationally-minded approach to education.  The lush campus occupies 41 acres (250 mu) in the Jiangcun District in western Hangzhou, and has a full range of modern facilities.

GYS promotes holistic, well-rounded education and has developed a wide-ranging curriculum. The school emphasises academic excellence with a focus on science, international understanding, character development and personal responsibility. The school is also very strong in soccer.

GYS has established a variety of short-term exchanges with schools around the world, including The Winsor School (Boston) and Raffles Institution (Singapore). Underlining its commitment to international exchange, every year GYS stages a large-scale multi-day cultural fair, in which GYS and CIS Hangzhou students fully participate, along with students invited from overseas.