Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Chinese International School is committed to the achievement of academic excellence and is characterised and enriched by its dual-language programme in Chinese and English. The mission of Chinese International School is to inspire students to a lifelong love of learning.

The school encourages intellectual curiosity and independent, critical and creative thinking which will maximise students’ potential and promote the growth of the whole person. The school prepares its students to be compassionate, ethical and responsible individuals, contributing to local and global communities, respectful of other views, beliefs and cultures, and concerned to make a difference in the world.


This statement of objectives is a living document, the purpose of which is to guide the school’s decision-making processes and ensure that the objectives are consistently focussed on the development of the students.

To Connect, Inspire, Serve


  • Connect students, teachers, and staff in a caring, challenging and inspiring community of learners.
  • Connect the school with parents as partners in learning.
  • Connect students and staff within a rich dual-language environment in order to develop understanding and appreciation of the associated cultures.
  • Connect students and teachers with information and the tools necessary for information literacy.
  • Connect the school community with local and global communities.


  • Inspire students to reach their full potential in pursuit of excellence across the breadth of a balanced and challenging curricular and co-curricular programme.
  • Inspire students of all linguistic profiles and backgrounds to achieve their full potential through Chinese and English.
  • Enable students to inspire fellow students and adults with their decisions and actions at CIS and beyond.
  • Inspire students through the teaching and example of teachers to develop humane values and core integrity that will inform their decisions and actions.
  • Inspire in students and teachers playful creativity, experimentation and appropriate risk-taking.


  • Create a school community that is infused with a commitment to service.
  • Develop leadership through service opportunities.
  • Serve as environmental advocates through the school’s practice and curriculum.

The CIS Parent-School Partnership

As a member of the Chinese International School parent community, you have joined an important partnership that is founded on the belief that parents and CIS must establish and maintain a relationship of mutual trust and respect in all aspects of school life. This partnership is intended to clarify and formalise the relationship between the parents and the school for the benefit of your children and all of our students, both present and future. It reflects the strong sense of community that characterises CIS.

Parents’ Expectations of CIS

  • Fulfill our mission.
  • Treat each student with courtesy and respect.
  • Provide our students with appropriate learning opportunities.
  • Provide a safe, caring environment.
  • Communicate promptly, honestly and openly about your child.
  • Communicate regularly about relevant school news.
  • Encourage positive involvement from parents in school life
  • Respond to parent concerns.

CIS’s Expectations of Parents

  • Believe in and support our mission.
  • Treat faculty and staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Provide an appropriate environment for home learning.
  • Communicate promptly, honestly and openly about your child.
  • Be forthright and prompt in sharing any information which could have an impact on your child’s school experience.
  • Read school communications and attend meetings relating to your child.
  • Contribute your time, talent or other support to the extent that you are able.
  • Seek information and raise concerns directly with the school through appropriate channel.