Founding & Governance


When CIS opened its doors in 1983, its co-founders Nelly Fung, Kin-yue Fu and Joyce Tai realised a long-held dream of a school that would offer the best of both Chinese and Western worlds.

Their vision was for a school open to all regardless of nationality, race or creed, where students would achieve fluency in Chinese (Mandarin) and an understanding of the dual heritage that makes Hong Kong unique.

Born in Asia and educated in Asia and the West, the founders saw a need in the late 1970s for an educational institution in Hong Kong that could provide an alternative to local schools teaching mainly an exam-based curriculum and to international schools teaching mainly Western curricula.

CIS remains true to that vision today. Dual-language and multicultural, it continues to break ground in its language teaching and to earn acclaim for preparing bright, articulate young people at home in the East or the West.


CIS is accredited by both the Council of International Schools (CIS) and New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), and most recently received its 10-year re-accreditation in February 2011. It is also a member of the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

Board of Governors | 董事會

The school is a non-profit charitable organisation. Ultimate responsibility for the school rests with the Board of Governors of the Chinese International School Foundation.

The Board establishes broad policies to ensure that the school meets the highest standards of service to its constituents. It is assisted in its long-range planning for the school by various Board committees. Day-to-day operation of CIS is the responsibility of the Head of School, who works closely with the Leadership Team.


  • Andrew Brandler 包立賢先生
    BA, MA (Cambridge University), MBA (Harvard Business School) / Company Executive


  • Venantius Tan 陳於財先生 
    LLB (University of Hull), LLM (King’s College London) / Partner, International Law Firm


  • Abraham Chan SC ’96 陳樂信先生’96 
    LLB (King’s College London), BCL, MPhil (Oxford University) / Barrister
  • Charles Chen 陈一丹先生 
    BA (Shenzhen University), Master of Law (Nanjing University), Visiting Scholar (Stanford Law School) / Education Philanthropist & Businessman
  • Jonathan Cheng 鄭兆俊先生 
    BA Business Administration (University of Western Ontario) / Family Business
  • Lawrence Chu ’98 諸承譽先生’98 
    AB (University of Chicago) / Company Executive
  • Ti Hua Dennig 華倜女士 
    Undergraduate (Peking University), MA (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) / Educator
  • Alice Tai Footman, GBS, OBE, JP 戴婉瑩女士 
    LLB (The University of Hong Kong), LLM (University of London) / Public Service
  • Fred Hu 胡祖六先生 
    MS (Tsinghua University), MA & PhD (Harvard University) / Economist
  • Stephen King 金昌民 
    AB (Harvard University) / Hedge Fund Manager
  • Joy Tsien Koo 錢世暉女士 
    BA (Brown University), Master of International Affairs (Columbia University)
  • Ming Wai Lau ’98 劉鳴煒先生’98 
    LLB (King’s College London), LLM LSE, PhD (King’s College London) / Businessman
  • Loewe Lee 李本智先生 
    AB (Harvard University) / Executive Director
  • Haresh Melwani
    BSc (Bristol University), MBA (Harvard Business School) / Banker
  • Professor Maureen Sabine
    BA (Fordham University), MA, PhD (University of Pennsylvania) / University Professor & Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities
  • Anne Witt 
    BSc, MHSc (University of Toronto) / Former Management Consultant
  • Allison Lutz Wong 王愛麗女士
    BA (Stanford University), PGDE (University of Hong Kong) / Educator
  • Sean Lynch 林澤厚先生
  • Adrian Huen 禤浩焯先生

Recent Board Letters

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  • Professor Maureen Sabine
  • Lawrence Chu ’98 諸承譽先生’98
  • Jonathan Cheng 鄭兆俊先生 
  • Abraham Chan SC ’96 陳樂信先生’96
  • Venantius Tan 陳於財先生

Leadership Team | 領導團隊

Sean Lynch, Head of School
MA & MSc (Michigan State University), DEA (Sciences Po Paris), BA (Yale University)
Joined CIS in 2018
校長 林澤厚先生 2018年加入漢基

Li Bin, Deputy Head of School
MA (University of Bath), Postgraduate Certificate, BA (Capital Normal University, Beijing)
Joined CIS in 2007
副校長 李斌女士 2007年加入漢基

Anne Gardon, Head of Primary
MEd (Lehigh University), MAppLin (University of Southern Queensland), MPhil (Trinity College Dublin), BA (St. Michael's College)
Joined CIS in 2018
小學部校長 高安女士 2018年加入漢基

Christine Doleman, Head of Secondary
MA (State University of New York), BSocSc (University of Waikato)
Joined CIS in 2018
中學部校長 文俐思女士 2018年加入漢基

Catherine Han, Director of Community Relations
PGDE (University of Hong Kong), BA (Wellesley College)
Joined CIS in 2003
公共關係部總監 韓周延女士 2003年加入漢基

Dede Huang, Director of Development
AB (Harvard University)
Joined CIS in 2002
學校拓展部總監 黃德莉女士 2002年加入漢基

Adrian Huen, Director of Finance & Business Administration
BSc (University of Wales)
Joined CIS in 2011
財務及行政總監 禤浩焯先生 2011年加入漢基

Jerry Szombathy, Director of Operations
MA (Michigan State University), BA Education (University of Saskatchewan), BA Psychology (University of Saskatchewan)
Joined CIS in 2010
營運總監 曾傑瑞先生 2010年加入漢基