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CIS holds sustainability as a core value and is committed to upholding sustainable practices and educating students to work towards a sustainable future. The school completed a student-led, expert-guided, whole school sustainability audit of its operations during the 2019-2020 school year. The audit opened an important dialogue on the community’s collective responsibility to the natural world and developed a viable roadmap for making a difference over the long term. From the curriculum and food services to buildings and transportation, CIS has taken a holistic approach to foster a sustainable campus, all the while engaging key stakeholders. The school’s long-term goal is to achieve carbon neutrality and be a model for other schools in campus sustainability and sustainability education.

2019 Environmental Audit

Environmental consultant, Metanoia, partnered with CIS students to conduct an audit to assess CIS’ environmental impact and establish a more systematic schoolwide approach to sustainability at CIS.

Metanoia partnered with students to conduct the audit, which involved all school stakeholders. They measured the school’s environmental impact from electricity and water consumption, transportation, food, waste, buildings, and procurement, and with this data developed recommendations for further improvement and strategic direction.

Sustainability Council

A whole school Sustainability Council composed of students, staff, parents, alumni, and school leaders leads the implementation of our long-term sustainability plan.

The Sustainability Council offers formal recommendations to the Leadership Team and serves as a sounding board for matters related to sustainability. The Council recommends short-, medium-, and long-term targets for carbon reduction, waste reduction, green operations, and eco-literacy.

Drop in the Ocean (DITO)

DITO is a Secondary student-driven and led environmental group that strives to promote sustainability as a core school value through systemic change, community dialogue, and education.

DITO has three areas of focus: (1) providing recommendations on how to incorporate sustainability practices into daily life, (2) offering hands-on gardening activities in the school’s Community Garden to inspire a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle, and (3) restoring the beauty of Hong Kong’s waters and beaches through hands-on activities such as trail, kayak and beach cleanups.

Green Team 

Green Team is a Primary student group established in 2021 to raise awareness on environmental issues, take action at school, and engage other Primary students in sustainability at CIS.

Every year the Green Team decide on an area of focus and work collaboratively to improve the school environment. The Green Team also shares ideas on how to be more sustainable during assemblies.


CIS aims to be a model in green building design. Solar panels have been installed on the roof to reduce the school’s carbon footprint and windows in the older buildings are being upgraded from single glazed to double glazed units to improve energy efficiency.

A Community Garden was established in 2018 complete with an irrigation system and a variety of planter boxes. Two local farmers assist the team in sourcing seedlings and seeds, which are planted, tended to and harvested by the numerous parents, teachers and students involved in the garden. The produce grown in the garden is donated to local elderly homes and homeless shelters.

Busing for All

In 2022-23 CIS launched a Busing for All Programme making it compulsory for Year 3-11 students to take the school bus. This will not only reduce traffic congestion and improve the well-being of the community but will also reduce the school’s carbon footprint from commuting.