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Child Protection Programme 


CIS believes that every child has the right to grow up in a healthy, safe, secure and supportive environment.

The school endorses the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to which Hong Kong is a signatory, and seeks to be a positive learning community that promotes well-being, free from hazards and harm. The school adopts a strict zero tolerance policy towards the mistreatment or abuse of children.

Mindful of the special role that schools play as protectors of children, and in light of growing awareness of the harm that can be caused by child abuse, CIS runs a comprehensive programme of Child Protection overseen by school leaders and two designated members of the Board of Governors.


Details are outlined in a school-wide Child Protection Policy (see below) that encompasses:

  • rigorous recruiting and vetting practices applicable to direct hires, contract staff, and all affiliated personnel, including volunteers,
  • a Code of Conduct (see Policy below) signed by all personnel (as above),
  • a Code of Conduct for visitors (see Visitors Do's & Dont's below),
  • regular training for all personnel, as well as students and parents,
  • dedicated Child Protection Officers and other responders,
  • and clear protocols for reporting and enquiring into matters of concern.

For enquiries about Child Protection at CIS, please write to

For Hangzhou, please contact Adam Cruickshank, Ebru Kublay and Teck Wee for any Child Protection related questions.


CIS's programme has been undertaken with extensive training of CIS staff and specialist advice from the Council of International School (COIS) International Taskforce on Child Protection and other child protection professionals. COIS is one of our accrediting bodies.

When a student reports abuse to a staff member or there is reasonable cause to believe that abuse is occurring, the relevant staff member should immediately make a report.

All reports should include a written statement using this form:
Child Protection Reporting Form