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About CIS

Chinese International School was founded in 1983 as a small “East meet West” school grounded with roots in Hong Kong and has now grown to a vibrant community of over 1,500 students aged 4-18. Located in Hong Kong, with a Study Centre for Year 10 students in Hangzhou, CIS’ mission to empower students to discover new paths, build bridges, and flourish on a life’s journey in pursuit of excellence, commitment to service, and stewardship of our future is supported by passionate educators, skilled administrators, dedicated operational staff, and a caring community. An alumni community of more than 5,000 spread across the globe includes leaders in law, finance, academia, science, technology, the arts, and beyond. The CIS relationship is one for a lifetime and our alums return regularly to school to share their wisdom with the latest generation of students.


Whole school: 1,500+
Primary (Reception-Year 6)650+
Secondary (Year 7-9 & 11-13)850+
CIS Hangzhou (Year 10): 100+
Graduating class: 100+
Nationalities: 30+


Teacher to student ratio: 1:8
CIS Educational staff: 243+
CIS Operational staff: 137+
CISHZ (all staff): 41+
Nationalities: 20+
Average Tenure: 10+ years


CIS opens: 1983
Braemar Hill campus opens: 1991
IB DP launched: 1992
IB MYP launched: 2002
CIS Hangzhou launched: 2013
35th Anniversary: 2018-19


1st Graduating Class:
Graduates to date:
Alumni in database:


Number of families: 
Annual Fund participation: 
avg. 60%+



Braemar Hill, Hong Kong
Campus opens:
New Tower opens:

CIS Annual Report 2021-22 

This publication celebrates a year in the life of our extraordinary school. Every one of the pages is a tribute to the energy, ingenuity and resilience of our students, alumni, staff, families and friends, and sheds light on the outstanding achievements throughout the 2021-22 school year. 

ANnual report